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Hello all,
     Welcome to Jason and Jessica's wedding webpage! 
The wedding was absolutely beautiful.  It was outside at the Monte Sano Lodge.  The weather was a perfect sunny spring day.  The timing, catering, flowers and decorations were fabulous thanks to Niki Hogan our wedding Director, Catering by Kurt, Mark at In Bloom Florist, Publix Bakery, Ted Cannon our DJ from Music Machine, and David Phillips Photography.                                Sincerely, 
                                Sarah Jane and Tricia

hi  / Dumbasss Bitch (heyy)
jkjk :)) love u this is yalls cousin just kiddin yall
heyy  / Dumbass Bitch (heyy)
OMG DID U SEE HER BUTT  it was tottally huge :)) love ya gurll no homo and jason i will always love u no matter if u move on.glad we had a child together
Friend of Jason from Texarkana   / Ronnie Jones
Cograts ole fishing buddy!  Drop me a line!--Ronnie
Congratulations!  / Sarah Perrino (friend of Jason )
Just wanted to say congratulations to both of you.  ~Sarah Perrino
Hey Guess What   / Nick And Jessica Niedert (friend)
Oh, If you can see the names, we kept it a secret, we were the first married couple of the off season.  Ha ha.  Love you and congratulations. 
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Speeches & Vows
Wedding Vows -  

Dear guests, 
     Most people would probably agree that wedding vows are the most romantic part of the wedding ceremony.  (Even though they make us cry!)  I have always found this to be true so we thought it might be nice to give Jason and Jessica some ideas for their's.  Share your own or send a beautiful thought or poem - and have your tissues ready at the wedding!

Hope you like the poem. Love you, Sarah Jane  

                  "Two Lives"               

Two lives from distant places
Wrapped up in pure romance,
A universe apart,
Came together just by chance.

Now here we are today my love,
Our journey soon begins,
Charted by a compass
That we have found within.

A mountain's peak lies ahead,
A mystery to us both
But certainly our way is paved
With love and trust and hope.

For the love and trust and hope we share
Has brought  us here so far,
It guides us through the dark til' dawn
Just like a shining star.

The hill top now awaits us,
On this journey made for two,
I'll take your hand in my hand
And together reach the view.

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